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4 Mistakes Small Businesses Make Online

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It’s difficult to focus the right amount of attention on all facets of your business when you’ve got both offline and online operations to juggle. Your website’s address (i.e., domain name) not only represents your business’s online identity, but also serves as the central hub of your online presence.

Avoid these missteps to better position your business online:

1. Using a Free Email Address Instead of a Branded, Professional Email Address 2. Using Your Social Media Page as Your Web Address 3. Delaying Building a Website 4. Forgetting About Your Website

1. Using a Free Email Address Instead of a Branded, Professional Email Address

A domain name such as can be used to create a branded, professional email address – which can be an essential part of representing your company as a credible and stable business.

2. Using Your Social Media Page as Your Web Address

An easy way for customers to find your business online is by registering a domain name to use as your web address and pointing it to your business’s social media page (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram). You’ll then have a web address for your social media page that is memorable and marketable. The added bonus? When you are ready for a website, you don’t have to change the web address that your customers already know and use.

3. Delay Building a Website

It has never been easier to launch a website. Free website builders, like and Weebly, cater to the non-technical user and are easy and economical to use. They often include features, at no cost or as part of an additional package, such as shopping carts, online forms, blogs, social sharing links, search engine optimization, customer support and more. So, start small and expand from there.

It has never been easier and more economical to launch a website.

4. Forgetting About Your Website

A website can be one of your best marketing tools but no one will see it if you don’t actively market your business. Stick to what you know, and keep website content simple, fresh and valuable. Use the following tips to help generate traffic to your site and find potential customers:

  • Social Media Marketing: Advertise your business, products and services on social media and direct them to your website.
  • Email Marketing: Use your branded, professional email address and send customers information on special news and sales with a link to your website.
  • Search Engine Marketing: Also known as paid search, SEM allows you to promote your business’s website on the paid advertising section of search engine results pages.

Your time is valuable. Avoid these mistakes and maximize your time to support your business.

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