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Use Your Social Media to Provide Great Customer Service


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Want to provide better customer service to your clients? Then tweet about it!

Today, social media reigns and has redefined customer service beyond the simple phone call. To create a first-rate customer service experience, follow this four-step strategy to help handle complaints that come through your social media channels:

1. Listen Actively 2. Respond Quickly 3. Apologize Sincerely 4. Don’t Remove It

1. Listen Actively – Dedicate a certain amount of time every day to monitor what’s being posted or shared about your business.

To help manage all your social media platforms, consider using web tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial that will alert you when someone posts on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or blog. These tools will also notify you when your company is mentioned on sites like Yelp or Trip Advisor.

2. Respond quickly – People expect quick replies with social media and may turn to it as a last resort when they can’t reach a resolution through other means. By the time customers tweet their complaints, they may be even more frustrated, so tackle complaints immediately.

3. Apologize sincerely – Even if there was a valid reason on your end, don’t try to defend or deny a complaint, and don’t be too formal. A personalized apology starting with “I’m really sorry,” along with steps you’ve taken to address the issue or an offer to make things right, shows your company’s commitment to its customers.

It really works because customers feel heard and appreciated. And when customers feel appreciated, their loyalty to you may increase.

4. Don’t remove it – You don’t need to delete a negative post - showing the world how you can quickly solve issues can help promote how responsive and transparent you are! But if the customer won’t accept your apology, suggest moving the conversation offline to address their concerns one on one.

Occasionally, you may have a poster whose comment is just way off or offensive. In those cases, you may decide not to respond since that would only draw more attention to it.

Ultimately, look at this “new” social media strategy as an opportunity to connect and add value with your customers on a new level while also gaining valuable feedback. In the end, you’ll be attracting new customers and cultivating loyalty amongst your existing ones!

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