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Increase Visitors to Your Website With SEO

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You now have a website, which means you can kick back and watch a bunch of new customers walk through your shop doors, right? Well, not quite yet…

When internet users search for products and services, the order that a website appears on a search engine’s results page (SERP) depends on how the website has been “optimized” – or rather, if the website has been designed to rank well on search engines like Google and Bing.

So, if you’re looking to rank higher, employing search engine optimization (SEO) can help get you there. And how do you do it? Here are some easy, key tips to follow:

1. Make Sure Search Engines Can Find Your Website 2. Provide Quality Content 3. Have a Good Foundation 4. Share and Promote Your Website If you’re looking to rank higher, employing search engine optimization (SEO) can help get you there.

1. Make Sure Search Engines Can Find Your Website

Search engines discover websites on the internet using tools called “spiders,” so having a site that’s spider-friendly is critical. This means you should:

  • Implement the right technologies and design elements – a web service professional can assist you with that!
  • Include a site map with all the content you have, and keep it updated.
  • Register your site with Google Webmaster tools and Bing Webmaster Tool.

2. Provide Quality Content

It’s important to do some research and planning. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and imagine what they’re looking for. As a general rule:

  • Create backlinks within the content of your site that leads to other relevant pages.
  • Use relevant keywords throughout your site – you can find them using tools such as Google AdWords or WordTracker.
  • Update your content on a regular basis.

3. Have a Good Foundation

Would you build your new home on sand or concrete? It works the same way with your website; search engines prefer sound infrastructure, which means you should:

4. Share and Promote Your Website Address

Search engines place a high value on quality links coming to your site. You should:

  • Link your social media sites to your website. Frequently tweet, blog or promote your site.
  • Put your domain name on printed collateral (e.g., business cards, advertisements, letterhead).
  • List your business with credible online resources such as small business agencies and local directories.

Just remember that SEO is an ongoing project. Search engines frequently change their algorithms, so keep up with SEO trends. And if you stay focused on building a site that provides a good user experience for your customers, the rankings should naturally follow.

Wordtracker and Adwords are trademarks of Wordtracker LLP and Google, Inc. respectively.

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